The Tata Top
The TaTa Top is the only novelty swimsuit top which gives the illusion of being topless. Basically, the breast top ever run by two amazing ladies out of the windy city! We had tons of fun running around our city in our very own Tata Top, pictures can be seen here.

 A feminist apparel shop by feminists. Get your feminist t-shirts full of feminists designs so you can wear your feminism on your sleeve, daily.

The Queer Mafia
If you live in Ottawa, chances are you have attended an event put on by the lovely people at The Queer Mafia. If you haven't, you've missed out but luckily for you...their parties happen often. Keep your eyes on their Facebook page for a schedule of their upcoming events, we'll be there!

Our talented friends over at SCRUB make the most amazing handmade & all natural body scrubs. Seriously, our skin has never been so soft and they are all edible - just think about the possibilities.

If you have never heard or visited AfterEllen then you've been missing out. Not too long ago, the lovely Chloë wrote a nice little blurb about Bobo Academy apparel. If you're not following this Tumblr, you need to

Marry Who U Love
The folks over at MWUL have created a t-shirts shop supporting the legal right to marry who you love, regardless of gender. The best part? They donate 20% of each sale to same-sex marriage initiatives nationwide. Get with it!