Top 5 Ways to Come Out on National Coming Out Day 2015

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Today is National Coming Out Day!!

A day created for the express purpose of celebrating / initiating awkward conversations with your parents.

Coming out is a rite of passage within the LGBTQ community, and coming out stories range anywhere from the mundane "we already knew that, dear. Now, what would you like for dinner?" through to the harrowing experiences of some LGBTQ youth being kicked out of their homes, and being left to emotionally and financially support themselves.

If you're a member of the "my parent's couldn't have given less of a fuck" group, then congratulations. I was also a member myself, lucky to have a family who took it in stride with barely a niggle.

However, if you haven't been so lucky, or currently feel like you're not in a position to come out, just remember that you are not alone. Seek out LGBTQ support groups in your area, and find someone to talk to. Having someone who understands your experience will make the world feel significantly more brighter, and I know it's been said before, but trust us, it DOES. GET. BETTER.

Coming out is a personal experience, and not everyone is the same. Remember that coming out is your choice. You can choose when, and how to come out.

And when I say how, I mean you should obviously follow our Bobo Academy's Top 5 Ways to Come Out:

1. "Started from the Bottom, Now We're Queer!"

Look, it's no secret that Liz and Nik love Drake. So, why not just throw on this little number:

...and with a few little lyrical adjustments, you can rap your way out of the closet in fucking style.

2. Mo Town Stylez

No one says "I'm Coming Out" like Diana Ross.


Why have a boring conversation when you can simply burst into a room screaming "I'm GAAAAAAAY!!!!" whilst simultaneously dancing and singing to this Mo Town Classic:



3. Bake A Cake

Now, now, before you run away, just hear me out. Imagine this...

It's your family reunion.

Everyone is required to bring a plate.

You opt for dessert, because, dessert is the best.

You arrive, bearing this completely innocuous white cake:

You even bring it on cardboard, because honestly, who needs a fucking plate?

Then, when everyone is at least 3 sheets to the wind and finally deciding to crack into dessert, you slur something loudly to get everyone's attention and the cut into that giant fucking cake (now on a plate because your Mum was and yell "TA DA!" for dramatic effect:

If nothing else, it'll make for a fucking fantastic story that only the two recovering alcoholics in your household will remember.

4. Embrace Your Caffeine Addiction

Okay, so we got a little carried away. What about for the more subtle of you out there?

Just sit at your desk, face your colleagues, eye them meaningfully, and then proceed to take a lonnnnnnnnnnngggg drawn out sip from this mug: 

AVAILABLE SOON in our Bobo Academy Collections

5. Hold a Pre-Halloween Party

Look, it's October. Why wait for the 31st? AMIRIGHT?

Nothing screams queer like one of the following options for Halloween. Extra points if you already have a Mrs. for joint costumes:

Poussay & Tasty, OINTB
Hair grows back. #justsayin

via source

Piper & Alex, OITNB
Default choice by hair colour.

via source

Jane & Maura, Rizzoli & Isles

Extra points if you stay handcuffed together for the whole evening to really drive it home.

Xena & Gabrielle, Xena Warrior Princess
In the interest of inter-generational pop culture references and all around bad-assery...


And if they STILL don't get it, just carve a unicorn in a fucking Pumpkin on Halloween and be done with it:

Happy Coming Out Day, kids!!!

If you're in need of another extra gay shirt, use the code 'COMINGOUT' to get 20% off everything in the Bobo store!


Tara G is a jack-of-all-trades history graduate with a New Zealand accent. She has a penchant for beer, wandering and incessantly talking. 50% of the Bobo Academy BlogSquad. Currently based in Kyoto, Japan. You can follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

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