Top Ten Lesbian Couple / BFF Costumes for Halloween 2015

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It's less than two weeks til Halloween, and if you've been completely disorganized like I am every year, then the desperate scramble to pull together a costume at the last possible minute is about to begin.

But, never fear!

Bobo Academy is here to rescue you with our Top 10 Lesbian Couple / BFF (and also generally low maintenance) Costumes for 2015.

If you're flying solo this year you can just choose the best costume out of the two, and avoid any arguments over who gets to play the joint favourite.

On with the list:

10. The Double Julianne: Laurel Hester & Jules Allgood

Let's face it, Julianne Moore is an amazing human who has been gay for pay not once, but twice on the big screen.

The Double Julianne presents the perfect twinning costume made for any red-head / blonde combo out there.

Not only are both parties likely to own everything required for this, it's also a prime opportunity for someone to shamelessly rock a pair of exceptionally comfortable Mom jeans as they slip into their Laurel Hester uniform.


Farrah Fawcett blow wave, Mom jeans, shirt, butch boots. 

Aviators, hippy bracelets, band t-shirt.

Soft butch twinning

09. The Cop & Doc: Rizzoli & Isles

Seeing as we're running with our police officer theme, who else could possibly be more recognizable than the two gayest "straight" women on TV. I mean, Maura's couture could be a challenge, so you might want to opt for classic medical examiner - but there ain't a lesbian on this planet that doesn't have at least one GAP V-neck hiding in the back of the closet to play Jane.


Rizzoli: Black dress plants, low heeled boots, GAP V-neck in any colour, gun, badge.

Maura: 6-inch heels, sexy dress / scrubs, a lab coat, and a saw if you want to really embrace Halloween.

Plenty of sly flirting, excessive touching, long meaningful looks

Bonus points if you keep the hand cuffs on for the entire night.

08. The "Fuck You Julianna Marguiles": Stella & Reed

Archie Panjabi has been tearing up headlines again, shooting down Julianna Marguiles' vain attempts to deny a feud between the two of them.

Meanwhile, no one really cares because they would much prefer to see this:

So in following with our Cop & Doc, low maintenance Halloween costumes, we have Stella & Reed:


Reed: Contamination suit / scrubs

Stella: White blouse, black pencil skirt, and a lanyard

Dripping with sexual tension

Bonus points if you manage to get Reed to go upstairs after you snog her

07. The Classic Swan Queen: Sheriff Swan & Madam Mayor

Given the multiple personas of Emma Swan and Regina Mills over the course of Once Upon A Time history - and in the interest of low maintenance - I thought some classic Storybrooke was in order.


Emma: Skinny jeans, wife beater, leather jacket, boots.

Regina: Pant suit, or a skirt / jacket combo, black eye liner.

Attitude: constant bickering over the course of the night, then SHOTS!

DING! You're done!


06. Leather & Cleavage: The Evil Queen & The Dark One

Orrrrrr if you happen to be some kind of wizard with the ability to magic up extremely complex costumes at the last possible minute, then you could always go for this...


The Evil Queen:
Big hair, big makeup, black feathers, red lipstick, duct tape for insane cleavage

The Dark One:
Grey or silver hairspray, leather...lots and lots of black leather

Snarky with a side of strong homicidal tendency

05. At the Sexotheque: Lauren & Bo

Continuing with the mythical fairy-tale-esque, our favourite Doctor and her on-again, off-again lover and resident bisexual nymphomaniac succubus (in the best possible way) make a fairly easy Halloween costume. It's Lost Girl's final few episodes, so get out, cry those tears, and embrace your inner Fae.


Blue scrubs, lab coat, stethoscope

Black eyeliner, tight black leather pants, cleavage, more black leather.

Sex. All day, erryday

04. Pitch Purrfect: Beca & Chloe

Why? Because Anna Kendricks and Brittany Snow are fucking fabulous, that's why.

Oh, and this:

and this:


Black eyeliner, 90s grunge

Average sorority girl circa 2013

Sexual tension

03. The Victorian Nerdgasm: Madam Vastra & Jenny, Dr Who 

If you're a lesbian, British or a nerd...or all of the above...then you likely know Madam Vastra, a lizard woman from a another time and her wife Jenny, who is sometimes a warrior and sometimes a ladies maid:


Madam Vastra:
Ahhh, you might need instructables

Victorian chic - white collar shirt, tie, dashing waistcoat

Banter about inter-racial sex acts

02. Bros Before Hoes: Poussay & Tasty, OITNB

My favourite couple on OITNB, no words required for these two.


An electric razor, grey sweater, tan scrubs

Tan scrubs and a visit to Sophia

Passionate love of library books and plenty of in-jokes

01. The Inter-generational Pop Culture Reference: Xena & Gabrielle

You could do it every damn year and that shit will NEVER get old. Xena & Gabrielle are the two lesbian icons which will never fade from our hearts.

So, go on, do it again. I mean you know you still have the costume from last year. It doesn't get much more low maintenance than that!


Leather, chakram, sword, arm bangle thingies, lace up boots, a horse for dramatic effect

A bikini and a short skirt, Amazon fighting staff or sais, great fucking abs




Tara G is a jack-of-all-trades history graduate with a New Zealand accent. She has a penchant for beer, wandering and incessantly talking. 50% of the Bobo Academy BlogSquad. Currently based in Kyoto, Japan. You can follow her on Twitter or Instagram.


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