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The countdown is ON for World Pride 2014! For those of you going to World Pride in Toronto or really, any Pride, we have complied a list of ten things we think you should plan to do to get Pride ready!

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1. Find transportation: Car pooling with friends is always a great idea if you want to be environmentally friendly and save money on gas! Plus, it’s a lot of fun! If you do drive, make sure that the hotel you are staying at offers parking because that will be a challenge in itself. Parking spots in Toronto are hard to find and can become costly especially if you're going for the whole week. If you want to avoid having a car all together, you can hop on the train or bus! Pst...Via Rail has cheaper summer prices!

2. Book a hotel: If you plan on sleeping after a long day of mingling, drinking and festivities all you need is a place to catch some Zzzs. It doesn’t have to be pretty since you’ll most likely not be there for long anyways…unless you’re throwing a sweet Pride after party (in that case let us know, we’ll bring the beer)! Check out the some of the top hotels to book for World Pride here and hurry they are filling up fast!

3. Get some Pride swag: If you want to go to Pride all decked out just check out our catalog here and order now because the countdown is on! It’ll save you some money and time because you won’t have to buy Pride apparel at the actual events! Nothing expresses your colours like a witty, GLBTQ driven designs! #plug #obviously #doit  

4. Bring Advil/Tylenol: Trust us, if you plan on drinking and partying at Pride then hangover meds are a must. Between the daytime beer gardens and late night dancing, Pride gets W-I-L-D. This is something we wished we had last year but thank God for breakfast Caesars. #hairofthedog 

5. Bring a cash flow: Having cash on hand is beneficial especially if you plan on buying souvenirs at street fairs or drinking them away at the beer gardens during the day. ATMs are a pain because if you do find one, there’s a huge lineup. Cash is also easier to help budget your Pride weekend a bit better!   

6. Bring "photo taking" devices: Lezbehonest phones have become an extension of our arms so be sure to put them to use and capture your Pride experience. Last year we brought a GoPro along for the trip and let me tell you, going through the footage every morning was worth carrying around a tiny little durable camera! Also, another *plug*, If you are swagged up in Bobo Academy apparel post a picture and hashtag your hearts out #boboacademy.

7. Grab event tickets: If you plan on going to one of the Pride hosted events it’s a good idea to stop procrastinating and get your tickets before hand! Tickets sell out quickly and prices go up at the door. Also, one year we did get tickets for an event but our schedules changed and we decided to go to another. It was super easy to find people in line for the first event and sell our prepaid tickets to them for 5 dollars more. They got to skip the ticket line and we made some drinking money, win-win I’d say!

8. Pack a bag: Packing a small bag for your Pride adventures is always a great idea because it’s easy to spend all day and night at the beer gardens or even walking the streets. Share a small backpack with a friend or take your own but just remember to fill it with things like camera, sunscreen, water, munchies and money! 

9. Bring a Pride flag: Nothing says "we're on our way to Pride" more than a flag hanging out your car window or out of your backpack. It will come in handy all week long whether you want to wave it at the parade, dance around with it at parties or wrap it around you on walks through the street fairs. Bring one and flaunt those rainbow colours! 

10. Bring re-useable water bottles: Sure, there's TONS of vendors that will sell you water bottles for $2 a pop but let's all do the Earth a favour and bring our own! If you don't already have one, check out a list of some of the best re-usable water bottles out there, here.

If you have anything to add please feel free to spark up discussion by leaving some comments below!

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  • I’m so wearing my Bobo Academy shirt to my next pride event!!

    Tianna on
  • Great post!! Hope to see you both on the streets of Toronto this weekend!

    Jen on

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